greater part is immersed in the water. As the wind blows,

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'I see,' said Henriques, whistling through his teeth. 'Well, before we start this vow business, I think I'll go back and settle that storekeeper.'

greater part is immersed in the water. As the wind blows,

Laputa shook his head. 'Will you be serious and hear me? We have no time to knife harmless fools. Before we start for Ntabakaikonjwa I must have from you the figures of the arming in the south. That is the one thing which remains to be settled.'

greater part is immersed in the water. As the wind blows,

I am certain these figures would have been most interesting, but I never heard them. My feet were getting cramped with standing on the bricks, and I inadvertently moved them. The bricks came down with a rattle, and unfortunately in slipping I clutched at the trap. This was too much for my frail prop, and the door slammed down with a great noise.

greater part is immersed in the water. As the wind blows,

Here was a nice business for the eavesdropper! I scurried along the passage as stealthily as I could and clambered back into the store, while I heard the sound of Laputa and Henriques ferreting among the barrels. I managed to throttle Colin and prevent him barking, but I could not get the confounded trap to close behind me. Something had jammed in it, and it remained half a foot open.

I heard the two approaching the door, and I did the best thing that occurred to me. I pulled Colin over the trap, rolled on the top of him, and began to snore heavily as if in a drunken slumber.

The key was turned, and the gleam of a lantern was thrown on the wall. It flew up and down as its bearer cast the light into the corners.

'By God, he's gone,' I heard Henriques say. 'The swine was listening, and he has bolted now.'

'He won't bolt far,' Laputa said. 'He is here. He is snoring behind the counter.'



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